Episode #86 – Dr. Will #5

January 30, 2014

Chick lobbies for more People-Free Hotels, we try to “Shake it Off”, read your emails and talk Cul-de-sacs and Confidantes. After a short pee break, we get back to Parents, Anxiety and some couch talk with Dr. Will. Download OTA 086 (Cuss Count: 8)

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Episode #85 – The Regular Scott Potasnik

January 25, 2014

Scott Potasnik has been appearing on the Bob & Tom Show for a couple of years, but this time he’s unfiltered with Chick & Jess. We start off with Scott being very regular and Chick’s preference for the The PSP. Then it’s off to smelling good, B&T, Jordans, drinking a lot, spending some time “away”, […]

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Episode #84 – Chad Daniels #2 (>>> Rickers <<<)

January 21, 2014

Chad Daniels talks about being creative, parents, kids sports, his psychiatrist, f’n Greg Warren, having friends and >>>> Rickers…. <<<< Download OTA 084 (Cuss Count: 37)

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Episode #83 – It’s Oprah’s Baby… Ms. Pat

January 13, 2014

It’s Ms. Pat and we/she covers it all starting with her Son and new Daughter-in-law, jealousy, being Oprah’s baby, baby stories, baby names, taxes and thug life. Download OTA 083 (Cuss Count: North of 165… yes, a new record)

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Episode #82 – Jeremiah Williams

January 4, 2014

We brought in Jeremiah Williams to get Chick to be more stylish… not sure if it worked. We talk men’s fashion, leather sweat pants, when not to wear jerseys and 3 things every man needs in his closet. Check out Social Club 19 and doingindy.com for even more Jeremiah. Download OTA 082 (Cuss Count: 4)

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Episode #81 – It’s a James P Connolly Christmas

December 22, 2013

Comedian and Faux Arrogant Superstar, James P Connolly is our Christmas guest. Here’s a list from your OTA Santa about this podcast: – Red Head on a Plane – Shoes – Dog Talk – ROTC – Harvard – Rugby – On-line Wife – Pardo – Elvis Wrangler/Impersonator – Planet of the Apes – Lunchables Merry […]

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Episode #80 – Costaki & Greg Warren

December 19, 2013

Two of our absolute favorites join us again and it doesn’t take long before we throw out some “F— Greg Warren“s.  There’s plenty of snack talk, Costaki‘s upcoming wedding, talk of One Frog, customer service issues and Stan in St. Louis. Download OTA 080 (Cuss Count: 46)

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Episode #79 – This Pucking Fuppy

December 12, 2013

Sorry for the delay…  Enjoy! Download OTA 079 (Cuss Count: 12)

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Episode #78 – Jim Gaffigan

November 20, 2013

First off, Jim Gaffigan reveals that he’s a Gary Owen look-alike. Then we get into PC talk, clean acts, gossip, TV interviews, acting and envy. Jim also reveals why you should never peak. We cover a lot in this long OTA, so enjoy! Download OTA 078 (Cuss Count: 12)

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Episode #77 – Not a Care with Jeff Oskay

November 11, 2013

We kick it off talking about some former OTA guests Holt, Bodart & Pardo. We cover some football and some of Jess’ “problems”.  Chick admires comedian Jeff Oskay’s look and Chick wants what Jeff has. Halloween costumes, fights and ‘Let’s Make a Date’ round up this OTA. Download OTA 077 (Cuss Count: 66)

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