Episode #107 – Bob Schneider #2

July 23, 2014

OTA favorite Bob Schneider joins us to talk rock ‘n’ roll, life on the road, the music scene in Austin. Cuss Count: A Lot. It’s Rock ‘N’ Roll! Download here. Or listen here:

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Episode #106 – Chick and Jess Catch Up

July 18, 2014

Chick and Jess chat about the upcoming appearance of Bob Schneider, the failure of Episode 105, parenting, and read some emails. Cuss Count: 15 – (Jess’s estimate: 19) Download here

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Episode #105: Dr. Will Miller #6

July 14, 2014

Dr. Will joins us to discuss a common American nightmare: the vacation. And as always, the episode ends with Chick curling into a ball of self-reflective sadness. Cuss Count: 2 Download Here.

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Jess Responds To Chick’s Important Announcement

July 9, 2014

After listening to Our Leader’s Important Announcement, Jess felt some things needed to be said. Most of those things were about her vacation. Cuss Count: 5… 

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A Very Important Message from Our Leader

July 8, 2014

A very special message from the OTA podcast team, live from Chick’s deck.

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Episode #104 – Ron Sexton #2

June 27, 2014

Ron Sexton joins Chick and Jess. Ron is the voice talent behind Donnie Baker, Floyd the Trucker, Tony from Witness Protection and many other beloved characters heard on the BOB & TOM Show. They discuss life on the road, Tim Wilson, the inspiration for Kenny Tarmac, and Donnie takes your questions. Ron previously appeared on Episode […]

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Episode #103 – Dave Lindquist

June 13, 2014

Indy Star Entertainment writer Dave Lindquist joins us to discuss great concerts and new music. Download 103. Cuss count: 14

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Episode #102 – Exit Interview

June 6, 2014

Chick and Jess say goodbye to producer Jason with a thorough exit interview. Download OTA #102. Cuss Count: 8

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Episode #101 – Live at Indy PopCon

June 2, 2014

Chick and Jess take the show on the road to Indy PopCon. Joel Hodgson discusses his days on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Drew Curtis of Fark.com explains the internet, and Paul and Storm present a cape and a song. Follow Indy PopCon on Twitter. Download OTA 101 here. (Cuss Count: 0)

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Episode #100 – Bert Kreischer likes to party

May 21, 2014

Yes. Bert “The Machine” Kreischer cracked open a bottle of Vodka to celebrate our 100th episode of Off the Air (and the upcoming release of his book, Life of the Party). We then cover a lot of topics, some of which include: – Books – Kids and safe words – Bert’s early social anxiety – […]

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