Episode #98 – Indy PopCon

May 4, 2014

Shawn Smith and Bryan Neely from Indy PopCon join OTA. Chick’s inner geek comes out as he gets excited about the upcoming guests and events. Indy PopCon will be at the Indiana Convention Center May 30 – June 1. OTA will be doing a live podcast Saturday, May 31 on the main stage… stay tuned […]

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Episode #97 – Greg Warren #3

April 25, 2014

Sorry, we didn’t take notes. But hey, it’s Greg Warren and it’s GREAT! And be sure to check out Chick and Jess’ MangoFuel Retreat too! Download OTA 097 (Cuss Count: 49)

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Episode #96 – Tommy Johnagin & Joe List

April 18, 2014

Tommy starts off praising the works of Solomon Burke, introduces his comedian friend Joe List and then we’re off talking Bringer Shows, Comedy Openers, Last Comic Standing, Body Weight and Working Out. Then Tommy reveals his Top 3 chocolate cookies and talk sports.  And we find out that Joe is a HUGE Larry Bird fan. Download OTA […]

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Episode #95 – Jimmy ‘Maddog’ Matis

April 13, 2014

Good friend and Indy Radio Legend, Jimmy ‘Maddog’ Matis surprises OTA. We cover a lot, perhaps most of Maddog’s life in over an hour… Here’s a partial list: Kids, Las Vegas stories, Trans Am Challenge, Doghouse, Will it Float?, Chick’s Bachelor Party, Radio’s changing times, Wrestling a Bear, Huey Lewis, Putt-Putt, IU’s ’87 Championship.  Whew, […]

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Episode #94 – Spring Cleaning with Yoga Meg

April 5, 2014

It’s another deep podcast folks. Jess’ yoga instructor, Meg joins us and walks us through some quiet time, some difficult times and some “naked time”. Download OTA 094 (Cuss Count: maybe 4)

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Episode #93 – Twitter House Party #4

March 28, 2014

Before the party starts, Chick professes his love of Sherlock, his recent rash of overreacting and his imminent induction into a Hall of Fame. Then your calls roll in covering the Redskins name, visiting Indy, car talk and more. Plus we hang up on a comedian friend of ours. Download OTA 093 (Cuss Count: 14)

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Episode #92 – Nate Bargatze

March 21, 2014

Sorry it’s not Tommy Johnagin, but it’s the next best thing… Nate Bargatze! He’s actually friends with Tommy and their lives have this weird parallel thing going on. In Nate News… he’s worked with Jimmy Fallon, was a Water Meter Reader, loves Vanderbilt, his dad was a Clown/Magician and he’s still trying to get a […]

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Episode #91 – Tim Wilson Tribute

March 7, 2014

Friends of the late Tim Wilson join Off the Air to remember a life lost way too soon. Download OTA 091

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Episode #90 – The Easthills

February 28, 2014

The Easthills get their Rock On with Chick, and oh they’re interesting, cool guys too.  They play a bunch of live songs for us, so sit back and enjoy. Check them out on Twitter. Download OTA 090 (Cuss Count: 19)

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Episode #89 – Our surprise guest is…

February 22, 2014

Peter Dunn, professionally known as Pete the Planner! Peter opens up with a story about seeing Chick at a furniture store… it didn’t go that well. Peter is a former comedian turned professional finance writer and talker who likes to wear cashmere to podcast interviews. This episode covers a lot, including: – Mrs. Planner – […]

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