This is another triple header!! Our guests are @lisabestcomedy, @rysing, and @roywoodjr. Our topics include high school sports and the paranormal!

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It is time to go all in at the first annual OTA vacation poker party! This is a one of a kind OTA! Hey, hit the donate button. Buy a shirt. Please. I lost everything. I bet I can get you to gamble before you finish reading this. I bet I can. Happy listening!

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Chick and Jess play catch up and talk about everything from PopCon to the Indiana Dairy Association. Grab a piece of cheese and enjoy!

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Episode #147: PopCon 2015

June 30, 2015

Chick and Jess recorded live at the 2nd INDY POPCON….Edward James Olmos, Drew Curtis, and the cast of the “Geek stuff off the cuff” podcast are the guests. This week’s “Jess’ phrase to listen for” is “dog sniffers” Tell your friends, grab a tee shirt, and ENJOY! Download Here. Listen here:

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Episode #146 – Dr. Will Returns

June 16, 2015

OTA’s favorite guest Dr. Will visits Chick and Jess. Pull up a sofa and get comfy. Download here. Listen here:

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Episode #145 – Live at Wiley’s in Dayton with Bob Zany

June 9, 2015

Its the live episode you’ve been waiting for! Chick and Jess sit down with Bob Zany at Wiley’s Comedy Club in Dayton, Ohio. Jess helps Bob and Chick mend their relationship… and there are dick jokes too. Download here. Listen here:

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Episode #144 – Bobcat Goldthwait

June 2, 2015

This is a great one! At last… We got him! Bobcat Goldthwait! He is a comedian, a director, and a human being. Sit back and enjoy it. Also, follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Plus, SATURDAY NIGHT! DAYTON! Chick and Jess will do a live podcast on June 6 at 5 PM at Wiley’s Comedy Club. […]

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Episode #143 – Live (sort of) From the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

May 28, 2015

Listen as Chick and Jess visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, have shots of Jameson, and there’s a GIANT ANNOUNCEMENT of a major LIVE OTA PODCAST! As always: enjoy. Download here. Listen here:

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Episode #142 – Popcon 2015

May 19, 2015

Nerd alert on this episode of OTA. Chick and Jess talk with the organizers of it’s June 26-28 in Indianapolis. The OTA podcast will be live at Popcon on Saturday June 27!! Come on out and say hi. Download here. Listen here:

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Episode #141 – Jess’s Mom

May 12, 2015

It is a Mother’s Day Spectacular! Jess’s Mom Andrea joins Chick and Jess on the podcast. Childhood memories are verified including the “Gypsy Story.” Happy Mother’s Day! Download Here: Listen Here:

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